Disc Burner Or Software Not Found - The quick solution for Itunes

So, today I opened up iTunes to burn the 8 songs that I had just bought in their online music and video shop service. The program recognizes that a blank disc has been inserted into my cd drive, and notifies me that I can now burn a playlist. I put all my new songs into a playlist, make sure that everything is checked, and then i hit the “Burn Disc” button. After a bit of processing, the following message appeared in status box: “Disc Burner Or Software Not Found”. Seeing this, I immediately checked my Burning settings under Preferences, and saw that my DVD/CD burner was display there. So, I thought to myself, “What could be the problem ?”

I went to My Computer, right clicked on the drive and tried to look for updated drivers, and rolling back wouldn’t do any good since I couldn’t remember ever updating them in the first place. After a bit of searching, I found that the problem had been caused by the program Daemon Tools and the SPTD update that comes along with it. Some users found their solution is just uninstalling the program and altering/removing SPTD.sys (I didn’t read through it, because this wasn’t an option for me). However, I wanted to keep the program, and there was no way that I was going to uninstall/reinstall every time I needed to burn a disc. The program is also very easy to use, so I didn’t really want to use a substitute like Alcohol 100%. So, I found out a way to keep Daemon Tools, and be able to burn through iTunes.

The Solution:

Below are links to download an addon to daemon tools that upgrades the SCSI connection and fixes this iTunes bug. The addon is called, SPTD v1.50 X64

You can download them at http://disc-tools.com/download/daemon+sptd+md5sum, just look for SPTD v1.50 X64, and select the one right for your computer.

Or, I could just place direct download links here for both the 32-bit version, and the 64-bit version… I think I will…

Download pic

SPTD v1.50 X86 (32 bit)

SPTD v1.50 X64 (64 bit)

After you download it, just install it.

Thanks for reading! If you still have problems, or just want to say thanks, you can comment it here.



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328 Responses to “Disc Burner Or Software Not Found - The quick solution for Itunes”

  1. 1 rob

    lifesaver! thx!

  2. 2 angela

    yay@! thanks alot

  3. 3 valerie

    you ROCK!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

  4. 4 Matt

    I tried the 64 bit one and I’m still having the same problem. Any idea why this is and what I can do to fix it?

  5. 5 admin

    Well, I am guessing that you do have 64-bit OS, and that you also installed the 64-bit version of Daemon Tools too right? I have only tested this on the latest version, so if you are not running that, or just not sure… Uninstall DT, get the latest, and try again (obviously making sure you install the 64-bit version of DT too). That really should work… so far it has worked for just about everyone, and this post is actually my most popular one too!

    If it really still doesn’t work though, post here again, or if you are just too lazy to do that… PowerISO is a really great alternative. Unlike Daemon Tools, it has shell integration. Basically, this means that you can just right click on an image file and there will be an option called “Mount”. A bit easier and more convinent than have to right click on the DT icon in system tray and finding the directory of your image.
    Hope you get it working…

  6. 6 Chris

    I have downloaded the program you suggested but when i try to run it it says i need administrative privaleges. I am logged on as an administrator? Any Ideas?

  7. 7 Jay

    Thanks for the quick fix! :)

  8. 8 John

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  9. 9 kiran

    Woo im commenting on the admins computer. I feel the power!

  10. 10 Jeff

    This fixed my problem, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was! Thanks!

  11. 11 tim

    Thanks much man. its awsome that there are ppl liek you who do these things ^ ^

  12. 12 bernddasbrot

    Finally my notebook can burn musiccds with itunes….
    so fühlt sich zukunft an…
    thank you

  13. 13 Lee

    Thank Gawd there are ppl like you in the world I was so pissed when I ran into this problem life saver thanks man..

  14. 14 ando

    surprisingly, it worked! thanks, mate!!!

  15. 15 david

    yea man thanks i just bought a new laptop and i am bringing my massive load of songs over from my old one and i was looking to create some mp3 cd’s … had one little problem though (-__-) not anymore great advice man thanks a bunch!

  16. 16 Alive

    I owe u one buddy

  17. 17 p8


  18. 18 mathavan

    Thanks so much! Quick direct fix I was going crazy!

  19. 19 Pat

    This worked perfectly! Quick and easy fix, couldn’t thank you enough.

  20. 20 micael wickham

    hey well i downloaded and installed the thing then it still said that i do not have the software to run or something

  21. 21 micael wickham

    hey if you could email me and tell me what happened becuase after i downloaded the thing and installed it, it still said that same thing disc burner or whatever softwere not found

  22. 22 fin

    i dont have daemon tools (although i used to) but i have the same problem, i downloaded that 32-bit driver thingamee but still no luck with burning cds, same message. does power iso have a similar bug? any help? Chur!!

  23. 23 jonathan

    i did what you said. THANK YOU SO MUCH! it worked. feels so good to burn again in itunes.vista you suck. but its all i got.if you can wait 10 years before upgrating to vista by all means do so.

  24. 24 Jose Montes

    I have the same problem but I have a Mac, do you know if the same software is missing on my OS?

  25. 25 silvia

    i’m an italian girl and yau are a great man!!!!!!
    thank you thank you thank you!!!
    finally my itunes succeed in finding the burner!

  26. 26 Leo Paonessa

    how do i know what disc drive the cd is on? and my itunes keeps saying “Disc burner or software not found” HELP ME!

  27. 27 bret

    can i suck your dick? thank you!!!

  28. 28 Karima

    I can just kiss you!!! I really don’t know what daemon is but it was on my pc in the incomplete file. After deleting and reinstalling several times, I finally came across this blog. Question: What is daemon and do i need to keep it for my itunes to burn???

  29. 29 lobo

    You are the man. Thank you so much. You can add my gratitude to all the others. I’m not gay, but I’m willing to kiss you for this… even with a little toungue action if you want ;)

    This is for Fin: If you used to have Daemon and you uninstalled it, some files still remain in your computer. I would try reinstalling Daemon, and then trying the fix posted here. Good luck.

  30. 30 Karima

    More problems… the day i downloaded the daemon tools you recommended i kept getting a pop up when i turned on my PC….. it stated ” Initialization error 2. This program requires at least windows 2000 with SPTD 1.53 or higher. Kernel debugger must be deactivated.”
    Seeing that I have XP, I didn’t know what this meant so I uninstalled daemon tools from my computer, then Itunes stopped burning again. Keeping in mind that I tunes was fixed with your recommendation, I still don’t want daemon tools on my PC (its no use to me, I don’t even know how it got there) but i want my i tunes to be fixed. Pleeeaaase Help

  31. 31 Dominique Kempen

    Hey, I have iTunes 7.6.2. I just updated to it because before my iTunes kept ejecting my blank disc whenever I hit burn and read “please insert a blank disc” Ever since I updated my problems have changed. Now it’s telling me “Disc burner or software not found.” It won’t let me burn anything and won’t recognize my blank disc. It took forever for it to eject! I managed to burn one CD before I updated, but I think that was just luck. When I put in the blank disc I opened it in iTunes and burned it. After that it wouldn’t give me that option anymore. What is Daemon Tools? Would I have it and not know about it? Please help! Thanks.

  32. 32 Matt

    THANKS SO MUCH!! I love daemon tools and could never get rid of it so this is perfect… I opened my itunes today for the first time in months and tried to burn a playlist (buring all of my purchased songs) and it said “Burner or software not found”, I thought “Well isn’t that just like Apple/iTunes…”

    THANK GOD there is a fix for this…

  33. 33 Rick Junius

    Can you help with my issue. I have a PC and receive an error message (4000) when trying to burn a CD. I hit Burn and things just stop when it reaches the “Writing” phase. After about 3 minutes the disc pops out and the error message appears. ITunes tech support has not been able to fix. Any suggestions?

  34. 34 Jenny

    I keep trying to click on your links but all they do is return me to square one. I am not able to download anything so there is nothing to install. Can you walk me through this process step-by-step? I can’t seem to make it work no matter what I do.

  35. 35 Jeff Horne

    I just purchased an Ipod Classic and had been having the “Discburner or Software Not Found” problem for weeks.

    Your download solution solved the problem. Fantastic!

  36. 36 Katy

    Thank you SO much! I was hurting my brain trying to fix the problem. You’re awesome-thanks!

  37. 37 Darren

    hey thanks for the solution very helpul1
    but i do have a question for you!!
    can i use this with magic disk?
    please get back to me soon
    thanks in advance

  38. 38 Pat B

    Legend!! Thanks for this! Athletes in Canberra will now have groovy tunes on competition days!

  39. 39 Hannah

    i downloaded it and installed it then i restarted my computer and it didn’t work.

  40. 40 Leroy

    ditto. still doesn’t work.

    i downloaded the SPTD fix (despite not seeing daemon tools anywhere on my machine), installed, rebooted, and… same effin’ problem.

    the thing is, i could burn music discs just fine before updating iTunes to v. (also had to download and install the latest QuickTime — grrrr.)

    i know my ROM is running low, and i’m also suspicious that the inexpensive CD-Rs i bought are crappy. but still… they’re brand new. as is the software. and my laptop isn’t THAT overloaded. it should work, right? might it be a drive issue? this is not the first time this has happened… sometimes even when the burn appears to work, the CDs will skip or stall when played in car stereos.

    boooooo. advice appreciated.

  41. 41 G-Sus

    Thanks a lot!!

  42. 42 John

    To install it says I need to use an application to install, but I dont know what to use… any help?

  43. 43 jason

    im trying to burn a cd n no burner software keeps coming up i dont get wat i have to do to fix it :S plzzzz help me

  44. 44 jason

    thats wats keeps sayin on mine burner software not found so wat do i do i dont underestand how to fix the problem

  45. 45 Hailey

    I tried to instal the thing and it still said Disc burner and software not found. SO it said update so i updated still didn’t work. Then I uninstalled it and reinstalled and it still didnt work. What do I do??

  46. 46 Carlo

    Same problem as Hailey. How do I continue?

  47. 47 ChrisC

    I have no clue what this daemon tools is and don’t have it installed on my machine but I keep getting the error that disc burner and software not found. I keep my computer pretty simple and don’t do much on it so I haven’t installed any new software since the last time I burned a CD in Itunes, the only thing that has changed is the updates to Itunes. Any suggestions?

  48. 48 alli

    Thanks you rock!

  49. 49 44r0n.5

    I fixed it!

    For 2 weeks I tried everything, uninstalling 8.1, reinstalling 8.1, updating drivers, firmware,
    installing 3rd party patches to fix deamon tools and gears, (burning with different software worked but
    not with iTunes DRMed tracks) - nothing worked on multiple machines.

    I rolled back to (last version of iTunes 7) and now burning works great! Here’s what happened:

    -I uninstalled iTunes 8 (hit the windows “Start” button, hit “control panel”, double click “add or remove programs”, selected iTunes 8, click “remove”, click “yes”).

    -I found it here: http://www.filehippo.com/download_itunes/4468/

    -I clicked download and save (not run)

    -Once downloaded I clicked run and it told me it would have to remove the previously installed “gears”, I clicked yes, and then rebooted as it said to.

    -Once back up I found the file where I downloaded it to and double clicked it to run it again. This time it installed.

    -When I tried to run iTunes 7, it gave me an error message about the library, so I went into the “my music” folder, and into the “iTunes” folder, and deleted all of the files and folders that had the word library in there (you can save these some where else if you ever feel bave enough to go back to iTunes 8 and want your old play lists back)

    -I ran iTunes again and this time it came right up and all of my songs were still there (though my play lists were gone). Now my burner works perfectly with iTunes (aside from the tinny flat sound of iTuneses encoding, but maybe that’s just me; real CDs sound so much better)

  50. 50 Bones

    Amazing…Simply amazing. Here i was about to punch puppies and this fixed it in about 45 seconds. Thanks A bunch! You just saved the world alot of Heartache…..

  51. 51 iTuner

    it worked for me too (iTunes 8.1 on Vista)

    thanks dude!

  52. 52 matt

    Well that sucked. I installed it and now itunes doesn’t respond at all. Vista closes it with an undisclosed error as soon as I open it. lame

  53. 53 lily

    hey… k so i got the hold disc burner or software not found thing…. i went in to prefrences like u said but got last after that… i don’t know where it talks about DVD/CD burner…. where is that supposed to show up? i am sooooo lost!

  54. 54 Marissa

    Thanks so much..this was driving me frickin nuts!!!

  55. 55 Melissa

    I tried SPTD v1.50 X64 and it didnt fix it. I dont know what to try next. Any Help? Thanks

  56. 56 Maurice

    OMG!! What a genius. You are a life saver. Because I couldn’t get my head around resolving that problem, I actually bought and installed Nero which is what I have been using to burn cd’s using my purchased songs from itunes. That’s actually redundant now. Thanks a mil!!!!

  57. 57 rebecca

    I installed it but it still says no burner our software found,now what?

  58. 58 wee

    It worked! I can’t thank you enough! God bless you!

  59. 59 Nicole

    You’re the best! I was so disappointed by this error but now all is well :D

  60. 60 scott

    If you installed daemon tools and getting the error, you can disable all the virtual devices.

  61. 61 Jon

    Thanks man, I was about to flip out!

  62. 62 hohu

    oh my god thank you so much

  63. 63 Joey

    It is amazing to find a quick fix when encountering a software problem. First party websites rarely ever provide information to quickly resolve the problem. I just want to say thank you to the people that provide these solutions on their own watch. Nice work.

  64. 64 Teyannie

    Thanks sooo much! I was seriously about to throw the computer into a bondfire :)

  65. 65 Disc Burner

    You are not the first who experienced this problem about disc burning. SCSI Pass-Through Direct or SPTD is driver program that provides access to storage devices.

  66. 66 Peter

    Your fix sorted out the problem, i would never have got there on my own. Thanks very much!

  67. 67 Coco

    I have the same problem. When I put in the blamk CD, it came back out after about 30 seconds. I don’t know what to do!! :/

  68. 68 jamie

    i clicked on both of them and it takes me back here.

  69. 69 tika

    I tried the download software and it said it needed to be converted to a different file. I have an emac and an old 2004 windows program..is that the problem?

  70. 70 Laura

    I click on the links and it takes me back here???

  71. 71 Len

    Laura - use the website above it. Evidentally the direct links are old. The website link works and takes you to the latest version.

  72. 72 Hayley


  73. 73 Kate

    i downloaded both the 64 and 32 pixel versions, and also the main set up version. and it still won’t work. ive tried running them/savingt them/re-opening them and nothng will work for me. please help!

  74. 74 josh

    ‘preciate it

  75. 75 Ricky

    I downloaded the 32 version and it keep saying I have to reboot it, which I am pretty sure I have done and it still will not work. Someone help me please.

  76. 76 trevor

    Okay, so…I really managed to bunk this up somehow. So I downloaded the 32 version and it worked just great–I was able to burn a few CDs thru itunes, so I figured that it was problem solved. This was about 48 hours ago. Then, this morning, I went to insert a CD-ROM with software on it into my disc drive, and it wasn’t recognized at all. I tried a DVD, and the same problem. So I uninstalled the SPTD file that I recently installed and rebooted, only to find that the initial driver that came with the computer is now gone, and according to My Computer, I don’t even have a disc drive. Nothing. Kaput. Gone.

    I’m currently trying to figure out a restore point, although I’m not sure how far back that will go. Thankfully, I just backed up my documents and pictures the day before I downloaded the SPTD file, so I’m not too concerned about losing a ton, but I’m currently without a disc drive. Any idea how I’d go about figuring out which drivers I was using previously?

  77. 77 Oswaldo

    I already tried this program and it doesn’t work. There has to be another way.

  78. 78 slater

    yehhhhhhh boiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  79. 79 Grotto

    I have the same problem but I never installed Daemon Tools. I intalled CD BurnerX….will that cause the same problem as Daemon Tools? And How can I fix it?

  80. 80 missprime

    I found that on my Mac osX leopard — going to the Library … the Preferences … and deleting the itunes prefs then opening iTunes up again fixed the issue.

    Sometimes the prefs get cranky. A quick dumping of them often seems to set things straight. :)

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  82. 82 hokchorn

    Oh, Thanks it is very helpful.

    Now I can burn a audio cd…

  83. 83 Gia

    Thank you so much. I ran into this problem and decided to google and found your site. You are a life saver!!!

  84. 84 Joey

    Yeah im still getting the same problem as before

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